Syracuse and Surroundings


Syracuse - Archaeological Park of Neapolis

Syracuse - Greek amphiteatre (Archaeological Park of Neapolis)

Syracuse - Ear of Dionysius (Archaeological Park of Neapolis)

Syracuse - Latomie of paradise (Archaeological Park of Neapolis)

Syracuse - Rope makers grotto (Archaeological Park of Neapolis)

Syracuse - Roman amphiteatre (Archaeological Park of Neapolis)

Syracuse - Ara of Ierone II (Archaeological Park of Neapolis)

Syracuse - Tomb of Archimedes (Archaeological Park of Neapolis)

Syracuse - Temple of Apollo

Syracuse - Cathedral

Syracuse - Cathedral square

Syracuse - Museum Palazzo Bellomo

Syracuse - Aretusa Fountain

Syracuse - Palazzo Impelizzeri

Syracuse - Maniace Castle

Syracuse - Regional Archaeological Museum Paolo Orsi

Syracuse - Catacombs of St. John

Syracuse - Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Tears

Syracuse’s most recent architectural landmark, Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Tears was designed based on the shape of a tear. Officially opened in 1994 it reaches the grand height of 102m. I can’t say I was enamoured with the external structure but the internal experience is extremely profound.
On 29 August 1953, a small plaster image of the Virgin Mary in the house of Angelo Iannuso and Antonina Giusto suddenly began to shed tears. The following days, on 30 and 31 August and on 1 September, tears were seen again on the Virgin’s face. The cavernous space was designed to house the image which reportedly bestowed 300+ miraculous cures over a few months after the tears. Sitting in the space listening to the nuns pray in harmony as the sounds echo up in to the heavens you can forgive the architects Michel Andrault and Pierre Parat for it’s external facade.
As construction begun on the church, an extensive network of houses and streets from the Roman and Greek periods were discovered. Elements of these and another sanctuary to the goddess Demeter and Kore (5th-4th century BC) remain in the crypt.

Syracuse - Small Roman Teathre

Belvedere (Syracuse) - Fort Euryalos

Priolo Gargallo (Syracuse) - Thapsos

Augusta (Syracuse) - Megara Hyblaea

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